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Lifting the Cup The FA Cup has been on the wane for decades – now is the time for major reform and a change in focus; the mammoth semi-final tie that would give modern managers nightmares
Object lessons How a cuddly teddy bear in an ill-fitting Norwich shirt rekindled one father’s love of the game
Match of the month A chilly afternoon in the Scottish Borders, which proves the perfect setting for a lower-league struggle
Team spirit: Birmingham City Fans revel in their scrappy underdog status, but this freezes out the “luxury” players; Jeff Hall – the star that faded too soon
Still with us: Hereford Though their upward trajectory has stalled, Bulls fans are just happy to have a club back
Deepest condolences The late 1800s gave rise to a new form of gloating between fans, which allowed entrepreneurs to flourish
Crescent wrench York City will soon, finally, leave their much-loved home of 88 years – but supporters may not get to say a proper goodbye

Editorial Liverpool’s title procession is no shift – that happened with the Premier League’s formation
Sidelines Sam Kerr becomes WSL’s star attraction; parting gift for Partick; St Pauli’s unwanted attention; Luton’s power surge; partially sighted coach makes his mark
Shot! West Wickham put their unbeaten record on the line against Nottsborough’s alumni team
Harry Pearson column Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be
Focus on Mart Poom, the six-time Estonian Footballer of the Year who proved himself useful at both ends of the pitch
World view France throw out their unloved League Cup; Unionistas shine in Copa del Rey; Australian leagues need a temperature check
Books Wales’ forgotten heroes of 1976; Neil Franklin’s questionable decisions; Hearts operation; Irish students’ European tour
Letters It seems to me that dugouts and airport lounges are now indistinguishable...
Season in brief Points deductions take their toll but Brentford prosper in League Two, 2008-09

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