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Editorial The FA like to act as the moral arbiters of world football but the Sam Allardyce scandal has highlighted just how hypocritical they are
Sidelines Spurs take over the national stadium; Coventry’s crumbling foundations; time to stand and deliver on rail seating; Millwall’s Den of despair; communal Bath
Shot! Wales’ Europa League representatives on display as Connah’s Quay Nomads play Llandudno at the Deeside Stadium
Harry Pearson column Certain players seem fond of returning to former clubs, while José Mourinho has invented his own exchange rate
Focus on Eric Morecambe, who brought sunshine to both Luton and his hometown club
Euro view UEFA’s new president takes on the big leagues
Books Everton’s peak; Alan Curbishley’s inside track; Albert Kidd breaks Hearts; Fox trap
Letters I’ve been looking through my records and…
Season in brief Crystal Palace win the first Third Division

Split opinion Social media is dividing Arsenal fans more than ever in Arsène Wenger’s 20th year
Philosophy course Joey Barton’s public persona is divisive but his new book makes for interesting reading
Sting in the tailThe Sam Allardyce investigation highlights the game’s greed culture; how France deals with agents; the FA’s murky ethics guidance
Natural developmentMore girls’ teams in boys’ leagues can only help the women’s game; Spain’s approach to football discourse shows how far ahead they are
Match of the monthTony Pulis takes his West Brom team back to a Stoke floundering under Mark Hughes
Rotte treatment There’s little rivalry among Rotterdam’s smaller clubs, just a proud sense of history and plenty of mutual respect
Still with us Against the odds Southport just seem to keep going, living a quiet life on the coast
Following at a distance Club commentaries are a lifeline for exiles; radio retains its charm; talking about the game is often more fun than watching it
Leagues apart When representative teams from the English and Scottish Leagues faced off against each other in front of huge crowds

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