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Editorial It doesn’t matter who the FA appoint as England manager, nothing will changed until they fix their entire structure
Shot! From huge flags in the streets to luminous boots on the benches, a journey around Euro 2016 in photos
Harry Pearson column You go into it with the best intentions but there is no harder job in football than managing a group of under-tens
Letters “At the risk of alienating myself from fellow readers, I write in defence of the over-used footballing phrase ‘in and around’”

Group mentality Euro 2016 begins as it means to go on – late goals, robust defending and the hope that Robbie Savage’s mic will one day stop working
Exit strategy Roy Hodgson’s best days for England were also his earliest and he leaves a confused legacy; the country gets the national team it deserves
Looking for trouble No one who has followed Russian fan culture was surprised by the violence in France
Enter the dragons Gareth Bale and co kept the fun going this summer, now they need to take it to 2018
Broadcasting standards The BBC went for a slow-but-steady, low-key approach; where’s the ITV we love to loathe?
Collectors’ items Keep an eye out for crisp packets from 1966 –they could be worth something
It’s a knockout Portugal plod through an unbalanced second round as Martin Keown tries a French accent 
You had to be there Things in Lille weren’t as bad as reported but England fans won’t be welcomed back; UEFA’s Fun Events hampered enjoyment
The old and the new Germany have made reaching the semi-finals dull; Iceland come in from the cold
Irish blessings Northern Ireland enjoy their party; worrying signs for the Republic’s future
The final two France’s disappointment was brief; Portugal proved they aren’t a one-man team
Making an entrance The showpiece match which marked Britain joining the European Economic Community
US and them The Copa América Centenario had its problems but the potential remains huge
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