Square Peg, Round Ball

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Square Peg, Round Ball

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Ned Boulting has spent most of his professional life covering football. Follow his journey from football supporter to reporter – from criss-crossing the country in a banger of a car hoping for a word or two from the latest big signing to the Champions League. Ned has been there, done that and got the Sky Sports jacket to prove it. Witnessing the shenanigans, the machinations and the idiocy of football at close quarters, Ned shares his best stories with affection.

Whether it’s treading mud into Steven Gerrard’s pristine white carpet or nearly being pushed into oncoming traffic by a menacing Vinnie Jones, Ned has made a fool of himself to bring us the best tales from his experiences in 1990s and 2000s football.

250 pages, hardback

Please note that in WSC 420 this book was incorrectly priced at £14.99 / £12.99 subscribers

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